Letter from the Commissioner of Pensions to Martha Hodges, March 31, 1911

Civil War Division,
Widow's Cft. No. 110,132,
Martha Hodges,
Pvt., Co. A., 11th United States C. Vol. Inf.

Mrs. Martha Hodges,
Memphis, Tennessee.


In reply to your letter of the 22nd instant, received the 24th, you are advised that your above cited claim for restoration to the pension rolls under the general law was rejected November 20, 1893, on the ground that you had been guilty of open, notorious adulterous cohabitation since the soldier's death and since the passage of the act of August 7, 1882, as evidenced by the birth of a child.

This action was taken after a thorough investigation of the case, and appears to have been proper.

An appeal was taken to the Honorable Secretary of the Interior, who in an opinion dated February 28, 1898, affirmed the action of this Bureau, and his decision is binding on this Bureau.

Very respectfully,



1. The Commissioner of Pensions from November 26, 1909, to May 20, 1913, was James L. Davenport.