Affidavit of Rufus W. Wharton, January 26, 1894

In the matter of the claim of Rosetta Crandal, widow of Ephraim Crandal, late a private in Co B. 35th Regt U.S.C.T. for pension.

Personally appeared before me, a U.S. Commissioner for the Eastern Dist. of North Carolina R. W. Wharton, late Lieut. Col. of the 67th Regt N.C.I. of the Confederate Army. who being duly sworn deposes & says,

I am Sixty Six years old. My post office address is Washington North Carolina. In Oct 1865. I married Miss Mary L. Perry a daughter of the late David B. Perry. My wife & I resided with her father, at Rosedale, Beaufort County N.C. the home & residence of her father & have continued to reside there ever since her marriage in 1865.

At the time of my marriage, I found at Rosedale & acting as house servant, an old Colored Woman, named Rosetta, who claimed to be & I was informed by others living on the place, was the widow of Ephraim Crandal, a colored man who had enlisted in the U.S. Service & died in the late war. Rosette or Rosetta as she is also called was a slave of my father-in-law Mr David B. Perry & remained with his family during the war & has continued to live & still lives at Rosedale, the residence of my wife & myself. She is still a widow & has remained a widow ever since the death of her husband Ephraim, so far as I know & believe, has lived a correct & virtuous life since the death of her husband. Milly Perry or Aunt Milly, the Black [illegible] of my children & who is now nearly 80 years old as appears from a record kept by her former owner, Mr Perry, informs me that she was present & saw the marriage between Rosette & Ephraim, that the marriage ceremony was performed by a colored preacher named Abram Allen & as Rosette was a house servant, the marriage was performed in the dwelling house of Mr Perry.

Rosette is now quite old & able to do but little work. She owns no property except a little house hold furniture & is mainly dependent for her support on myself & wife. She lives in on of my houses & does little odd jobs for my wife.

In the record of births of his Slaves, kept by Mr Perry I find the following

"Rosett's family
Cicero 23d Aug 1846. Bettie 14 Sept 1847.
Simon 19 Aug 1852. King 25th Sept 1855"

The above are the children of Rosette & Ephraim

The last named, King, resides at Rosedale now & works with me, but having a large family to support is able to do but little for his mother

This affidavit is in my own hand writing

R. W. Wharton

Sworn & subscribed to before me this 26th day of January 1894, and I certify the affiant is well known to me to be reputable and worthy of credit.

E. S. Simmons
U S Comm'r